1987 stock fat restoration project..seat clamp?

1987 Restoration Project..Seat Tab? (function or authenticity)

Hey Everyone,

I recently just found this site and am thrilled to find a community that reserves the right to getting geeked out over fatties. I'm currently restoring a fat that I purchased off of Fleabay. I have stripped it completely (including the surface rust in the seat tube and BB) and am ready for a repaint. I'll update as I go with pics. I've been buying the parts here and there. (Phil bottom bracket, Salsa stem/bars, King headset (purple), Kalloy seatpost (purple)) I'm going to build the bike into a single speed and use it rather than hang it on my wall.

Recently, I bought a Salsa Lip-Lock clamp in 28.6 assuming it would fit. Needless to say, it doesn't fit because of the seatpost tab.(why was this created? slipage?) I could either search the earth for a generic BMX clamp or just hack-and-file the tab off (prior to repaint of course) and use the Salsa clamp I have. Does anyone have any suggestions on this matter?


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