1987 Wicked - ?????

Eric S

New member
I've owned an all black 1987 Wicked Fat (U-Brake version) since new. Its totally original/factory stock, including Biopace. Looking for suggestions on what to do to it. If I keep it, I'd like to make the riding position a little more comfortable. Its in good condition, not pristine, but good, all original stickers, 1987 Fat Chance brochure, receipt, etc. Any idea what its worth. Not sure I want to part with it though, given the heritage. Looking for suggestions. I will take some photos, and get it registered here soon. thanks

Mountain Goat

New member
Keep it as a cherished item...............or if you must put some risers on it.
I recently bought a 1998 in mint condition with spare wheels from the USA for $500 so they dont fetch a great deal, but they ride great and are a constant reminder of the days before suspension and brakes that work.

(I use mine with a tag a long for country rides with my daughter <sigh> you gotta love those fats)