1989 Wicked Fat Chance

Old school rides are not like modern bikes. The forward position of that era, along with the Wicked's geometry, benefited from a foot/pedal connection. BITD I remember putting Shimano DX pedals on this very bike, hitting a few trail runs, then putting the clips right back on. Every other bike I own has flats too.
Thinking of putting Ritchey Duro Tires back on for that old school look...


It looks fine. It only needs a lot of dirt spread all over. I want a ti handlebar. Badly.
Yeah, that one gets meticulously cleaned after every ride - I'm running low on spare drivetrain parts :ROFLMAO:.

The bar you see is 1st Generation Merlin Ti, but with a WTB decal. I do have another Merlin Ti, but not selling any MTB stuff.
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