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Please Read All of This Before You Slam Me. I went looking for a Yo or later Wicked but at the time nothing good, but a nice 93 Ibis SS frame( formerly owned by IF52) popped up. I went into my LBS a few weeks ago and was talking to the guys about the bike and one of the mechanics who has a Yo and a beautiful NOS Monster offered a trade for a third Yo he had for the Ibis SS. So I jumped on it. The original 1990 Grello/Blue fade was gone, it was powder coated hunter green. I was leaning to Metallic Teal, but no exact matches in powder, I saw pic on here of a Singlespeed Yo in white, and it was offered on later Yo models. Rody supplied Decals and new bearings, if his waiting list was shorter it would have some original wet paint and fork. I had the fork made before I traded the Ibis and this is my daily rider main SS so I'm using the disk for now. Replica Yo fork, 986 brake, and Nuke Proof Wheel to follow sometime. That being said I wanted to post my new Fat Chance before I ride and get some mud on it today.

Frame: 1990 Yo 363Y09
Fork: Waltworks custom with quarters topping the legs
Fat Chance Bars, Stubbs bar ends
Ritchey Headset, Stem, Brake levers, Cranks, Z Max WCS/Omega Bite Tires
Borrowed Ringle Moby, Syncros Ti post on the way
WTB SS.2k seat
Oury grips
737 pedals
34-17 geaaring ( I think a half link and 18 FW will get rid of the Singluator)
99 Hugi disk front hub, Paul Word rear ( more vintage build and maybe an ENO coming)
Diacompe 986 rear brake


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nice ride! I know a 32 x 17 with a slightly used chain will allow you to run with the singulator, worked great on my 90 Yo until I switched to the ENO Eccentric set up.