1991 Cannondale SM 700


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recently picked this up. all original right down to the tires. it has been a long time since i rode a full ridged bike. on nice single track the handling is really quite impressive. but you gotta love the full 90's lime green splatter. <p>

my Buckshaver resto is pretty much complete. will post pix after Thanksgiving. have a great Turkey Day everyone.




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Wow: very good state. Even the post-pump is included. Nice Ritchey forks if I am not mistaken and is that a small lizard on the stem? Keep it in good shape!


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For a while Cannondale was using a little lizard logo on stuff. I remember there being some cools shirts and jerseys. Funny I think I got one of those ritchey forks second hand with that paint job, I used it for my bianchi and had it repainted.


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Wow, does that bring back memories.

Going to college in New Hampshire I saw a lot of bikes like that Cannondale.


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Spikes said:
Wow: very good state. Even the post-pump is included. Nice Ritchey forks if I am not mistaken and is that a small lizard on the stem? Keep it in good shape!


the bike is in really good shape. it needs a bit of a cleaning - but it is up on the auction block (eBay). we will see what happens. it is such a nice riding bike i want to keep it and just cruise around the neighborhood.

the post pump is something that needs to be brought back. it is still fully functioning.

the green lizard is in good shape too.

you don't miss a thing - Ritchey fork indeed.



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Canondale SM 700 Info

Hello Everyone
This is my first post and I saw you had picked up the SM 700 from a auction.. I have the same identical bike paint and all -all original, except the seat was replaced and also a tire.. What frame size are these bikes and how do they actually measure the frames?
New it was almost 1K but can you tell me what this bike is worth?? or what you paid for it on the auction??
None of my kids want it, and I no longer ride it, so I was thinking about putting it up for sale and getting it out of my garage but I cannot find any helpful info on this model..
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated..


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I have the exact same bike. Bought it new off the showroom floor in 1993 as a leftover model. Felt I got a good deal at $525 at the time. Loved every year of the thing. Only current problem is it needs tires and one of the toe clips is broken. :D


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Nice bike, I had one in 1990. A bit too big back then, but it was a nice time!

So if you ever have one SM700 for sale? Size 18 inch, 22,5/23 inch upper tube or +/- 57 cm.

Thanks, greetings, Dirk


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Love that bike

Man, that paint job looks great. There is definitely something about the Cannondale's from 1991 that are special. I own the sm800 in orange and black splatter from this year and just rebuilt it with full XT components after it sat for a decade in the garage. Easily my favorite bike in my collection both because of history I have with the bike and the actual ride. I just picked up a 1991 sm700 just like yours that I'm going to make a single speed out of. It's nowhere near as clean as yours is though. I hope you are still riding the hell out of this great bike, man. Best to you. :)