1993 Wicked Lite #338

Doug Carter

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It's here! I had the first ride on the bike this morning, and my first time on a bike in about 3 years (I know, I know, leave me alone). I can't believe how much I missed riding, and I can't believe how much I missed owning a Fat. In the weeks waiting for this bike to arrive, I had a few moments of buyer's remorse (too much money, need furniture more, gotta save for landscaping... you know, rational stuff). This morning made me realize that this was one of the best purchases I have made in years. What a high. Better than anything illegal.

So here she is...




Right now, it sits with my old XTR/Ringle/Mavic wheelset (remember sunset ti-dye?), purple Ringle skewers, Flite Ti saddle, and Tioga City Slickers for the prairie path rides with the wife. :) It will soo have GripShift Xray 800 and my NOS Kooka cranks in 3D violet. I have a set of Syncros tube cranks that I am restoring, so those may wind up on this bike, too.

The Mag21 is just about dead, but it may need a bit more tweaking with air pressure (it has been 10 years since I used a Mag, so I may need a crash course in rebuilds). I'm also working on a reconstruction of a '94/95 Rock Shox Judy SL for this bike, too, so that may also find its way to the Wicked.

So if you are cleaning out the basement, here are some things I am in search of...

- Ringle Zooka stem, black or purple, 1" Ahead or threaded, 120mm with 5

Yo Eddy!

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It's absolutely a great bike Doug! :p It would be even more awesome with the purple Kooka's, a more upscale post and the other parts you intend to install. It seems to be in a good condition to, right?

Hope you get your Mag working again as it is in the matching color. About the yellow grips: Personally I would get rid of them.

I can imagine this bike will be your best friend on many many rides. Enjoy it!

Doug Carter

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Yeah, the bike is really essentially brand new. After wiping the dust off of it, the thing looks like it had about 10 street miles on it, if that. There is absolutely nothing wrong except for the seat tube paint gouge that happened in shipping. :( :x :cry:

The yellow Oury grips are gone (but I gotta say, they are THICK and soft, and I really like the feel), as I will be installing a NOS GripShift Xray 800 on it, with the factory black grips and either yellow or purple shifter colors, like I used to run on the old Yo. I haven't used Shitmano thumb shifers sice 1992, and I'm not all that infatuated with them. I'm waiting on the arrival of a pair of black Avid Tri-align brake levers I found for Kim's bike, so that I can re-acquire my original purple Avids from her bike (she doesn't like purple, go figure).

Kookas to go on in the next couple of days. I never cared much for their products, even back then, but they did have one of the BEST 3D violet anodized colors. I'd love to find a set of purple or black Cook Brothers e-cranksets like I used to use, but I don't know how realistic that will be.

I didn't think I'd like the Charcoal Metallic as much as I do. Very bright for a dark color, and really a ton of metallic. Nice paint. I may have to hold off on that Team Violet paint job. :)



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hi Doug, you're lucky to fine a wicked in such exceptional condition. works well with purple, nice build :D

clear plastic sheeting kinda dissapears once stuck on & can help protect the precious paint, coloured crank arms etc ;)