1993 Yo Eddy - Aqua Fade Day!


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i have been away for some time. riding these Fat bikes quite a bit. but i do not think i have ever posted pics of this Yo.

1993 Yo Eddy (M)
Aqua Fade
Full Suntour XC Pro drivetrain - 8 speed
FSA Ti bottom bracket
Suntour XC Pro Cantilevers
Dia Comp SS-7 levers
Syncros stem, post, and super cool bar ends
Ritchey Force Lite handle bar
Front Wheel - Hugi, DT Swiss spokes, blue alloy nipples, and goldish Mavic 217.
Rear Wheel - Hugi, DT Swiss spokes, rainbow allow nipples, Sunset Mavic 217.
M900 8 speed cassette (12-32)
Michelin Wildgrippers
Fizik seat (it is just a stunt seat - usually Flite Ti)
King no name headset

simple and elegant. people stop me on the trail frequently. wonder why there is no suspension? you know - just go a little slower on the down. much faster on the way up. a pleasure to ride and it is ridden often ;-)






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I do like that Aqua Fade Yo Jeff, thanks for sharing the photos! That crazy saddle was the same model that was on that old Yo I sold Bushpig....stunt seat eh? Btw- did you ever build that NOS Wicked frame and fork? Been a while since I have spent any time on the forum and been thinking about getting another Fat.
Hope all is well :)