1993 Yo Eddy find


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That is a 'custom' color. That said, you could get frames painted however you wanted pretty easily from the factory.


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well she will be here Monday via UPS
I already have the Park stand set up a set of NOS xt SPD pedals ready to go!
please add 478y3m to my list!
currently Orange with a Mana" spring fork will be Team 3 way with big 1 inch and an allsop stem


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well she seems okay got the fork off with effort the wedge welded it self on lots of PB blaster
brake bosses were rusty
paint gone at chain suck and the toothpick is bent
cable pulley spins rough

thought are an ingleheart fork
hot tube team Jersey paint
Pauls stop lights
XT front (came with bike)
XTR rear 8 speed
have grip shift 8 speed and xt rapid fire
Stem is a control tech I have had NIB

Cranks and BB?
Wheels and rims?
Hbar will not be a flat bar


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I think by 93 the team was using Grafton and Ringle parts on their bikes. So if you aren't interested in durability and have deep pockets or luck maybe try and dig up some Grafton cranks. Otherwise see if you can find some nice M900 XTR.