1994 YO EDDY aquafade


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Hi Guys,

bought a Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance 1992 Aquafade today.
I do not have any good pictures yet but when i have i will post them.
It is a frame set with colour matched RS Judy's, original paintjob,..nice condition,..
Hope to receive it next week,..

The buildup will take some because i have several other retro projects running.
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These are the pictures form the seller




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hahahah,..yes melvin ,..being you was the goal in my life!

i know about the ebay listing,..he is just not that fast,..i allready paid for the bike,...

ps,..i now look at the ebay add,...is is more then i paid for,...well ,..his bad,..

Yo Eddy!

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So that is not so kind/fair by the seller. Aren't you affraid the seattube is rusted trough now? Considering the sellers track record :D

Btw Defiant, I do not know of Judys that came original with painted crown. Unless it is prooven I am wrong I would polish the crown up.


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Hi Mel,

this is the frame which used to be from Dr S (Si) , i spoke to him about the state of the frame,..and he is also the one who painted the Judy's,..
He assured me that it is een great condition and there is no rust.

i just sah that the auction ended at 500 pounds,..i have no idea how the seller is going to solve that with the ebay buyer but i had the deal and payment made yesterday, he should have withdrawn the frame from ebay at that moment.

Yo Eddy!

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From Retrobike I understand he has two. So you get the rusted one? ;) (Kidding, never read one of the 2 shows rust) You know he has two?


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i have in writing that the one i am buying is the one mentioned in the ebay add


i make copies of all my transactions ;)


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Presto is 5 minutes with the bike,..
I went there with the Serotta last week,..they freaked out ! hahaha


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That used to be my bike about 3 owners ago! Ha ha! Wish it was a medium...I'd still have it!
Hope you enjoy it. Great looking frame. Also, if you smell the seat tube it will wreak of Frame Saver. The guy I bought it from on ebay says he kept some in there and I added more for good measure.


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Still do not know which path to go with the parts

Do not want to the "easy everybody does it" blue/green Ringle build so the wheels and seatpost will go,..
Have some Paul parts available but do not want to copy the Serotta
We will see,..




You seem to like a challenge, so I vote a White Industries/IRD build. WI crank, BB, Hubs, Derailleurs (did they make a front? If not, how about a Joe's?), Shifters and IRD Post, Bar/Stem and Brakes.

Some NOS Sun rims, a no name Chris King, Gen 1 SPDs, a Flite and some Tech Lite Levers and you're done.

Either that or full Mavic. Full Mavic would rock.

It's kind of great just the way it is though.


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take the rigid fork back in, whatever rocks your boat shifting up front and GO!

that bike is awesome.


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The rigid fork is back in,..the top foto in the last post was the current build.
Tomorrow i am going to get the restored Syncros Rev Cranks, a Black Syncros seatpost is on it's way.
Looks like it is going to be a Syncros build for now,..but only for the time being.
I have ordered a Bar/Stem combo in the Aquafade green colour with Rody from Groovy and the mechs will be camapgnolo for now,..with XT thumbies....

I think will take a long time before i find the parts i really want,..but i am not in a rush,..The Serotta took a long time aswell ;)

yo' djblu

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that pic of it stripped really shows how beautiful that paint its. Nice rigid fork too. Love the paint match.
if you want to unload the fork that came with Let me know. ;)


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few more pictures

not so happy with the grey tyres

The XT Thumbies



Syncros cranks on the Syncros Ti BB