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1994 Yo Eddy! - entertaining offers

Yo Al

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Frame and fork only. The fork is a Marzocchi z2 alloy, painted to match the frame. \

Size: large
Frame number: 352Y4L


Bike History: I purchased the frame new from Outback Bikes in Atlanta Georgia in 1994. It was a white to Yellow fade when new and decked out with Ringle/TNT/Grafton/etc – all the cool stuff of the day in the mid 90s. I rebuilt the bike completely with up to date parts in 2000, had a stuck seatpost removed and a bent hanger straightened. The bike was repainted in it’s current paint scheme in 2000 by airglow and the fork painted to match. I assembled it too soon and there is some bubbling of the paint at the seat binder and where the front derailleur was. (see tape) I think this frame is probably due for a new paint job but that will be up to the buyer. There may be some internal seat tube rust.

What’s included: The original seat collar and the frame and fork as pictured. The front derailleur cable pulley is included, but it no longer spins. This will go on ebay in a week or so.

if you are interested email me at ridebikes.drinkbeer at gmail dot com as I rarely visit this site.

I don't ride it anymore - someone should enjoys it.


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Probably no chance you still have the Grafton/Ringle/TNT parts to go back on it...eh?

If yes, then there would be quite an interest in the project.