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1994 Yo Eddy Team for Sale


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Hello Everyone,

Well, I purchased an awsome Yo, a true survivor, all original paint, team saddle etc., and even had Rody replace all the cables, put in new bearings, period correct new tires and tubes, etc., only to realize that the frame is a little too small for me. You can see from the pictures that this bike is about as close to mint as you can get. XT/XTR components. Paint and decals are all ORIGINAL and near perfect. Only blemish is a slight chip on the downtube which you cannot see unless you turn the bike over. The rest is museum quality.

I paid 950.00 and then put a few hundred dollars into it to make it perfect (tune-up and update the drivetrain). I refuse to let it become a wall orniment and would like to sell it to someone who will use it as it should be used. I am not in this to make any money. If you are looking for a Yo that is ride (and museum) ready, and needs nothing, look no further. I am asking 1250.00- which is cheaper than most junk you can get at a bike shop these days. I have more pictures, including some from Rody's restoration work. Please drop me a line if you would like them. Shipping is at your cost, and if you live in the Lancaster/Palmdale/Bakersfield/Tehachapi area of California, I will deliver it for free to your door.

Thanks for looking and give me a buzz.

Brian :)


(330) 606-2766

Frame type (Yo!, Wicked, etc.): Yo Eddy Team
Frame number: 383YO4
Year of manufacture: 1994
Frame size: S/M
Color (original and repainted, if applicable): Team colors, purple fade to yellow


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pressed in BB in 94?

I thought that pressed in BB were phased out in late 92, in favor of threaded? Were pressed in BB's an option in 94? I'm no FC expert (or any type of expert) just seems that was the case back then


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Well, if the seller is actually in Akron Ohio that is my neck of the woods. If the seller is willing I could take a look for anybody who is actually interested in buying it


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Update on the Team Yo for sale!

Sorry for the delay in writing back. I am in the military and have been away from my computer. I want to clarify some points on the Yo for sale. Here are answers to your questions.

The bike is a 1994, built in MA. All decals and paint are original, never repainted. The decals are 100% intact and the paint is nearly pristine, only one small chip on the downtube. As to the size, it is a FC S/M, which is a 15.5” as far as I can tell. As to the size and the serial number, I do not really know. From what I have gathered, FC used a number of different serial numbering schemes, especially in the MA days, but I lack the expertise to speak to what mine means, or how it differs from others. It does also have the FC custom Team Yo Saddle, which I have been told dates it to 1994.

I have reduced the price- 1100.00, and I will pack and ship it anywhere in the lower 48. If you come and pick it up, the price is 975.00. I am in the service and pretty busy, so I’d like to move her before the summer riding season ends, as I will not have time this winter to sell, and she’ll have to sit unloved until next year.

I purchased this bike for 950.00. I then added new pedals (Crank Bros Candy C, which I am including in the price) and had Rody from Groovy Cycles update the bike and put in new collars, BB, cables et al, for a total cost of over 300.00 (labor, parts, pedals etc.). So, I did all the work for the next owner, all you need to do is ride!

If you have any questions about the bike, feel free to ask Rody, we all know and respect him as a true expert on FC. He thought it was an exceptional rig in great shape, one of the very best ‘94s he had seen. Also, if in Wooster, OH, visit Groovy Cycles. He’s a great frame builder himself.

All in all, this is a great ride. I purchased it to ride, but I am too lanky for the frame and hate to see it sit. The bike is in Southern California now, as I have been transferred here. I welcome comments or inspections. You will not be disappointed. If you like fixing old wreaks, then grab one of the many FC junkers I see on eBay all the time. If you want a ride that looks and feels brand new, at really a fraction of the price the bike should command, then this bike is for you.

Do not hesitate to email me at brian.gold@edwards.af.milor call at 330-606-2766.


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I want it!

I want this! Please, can you be persuaded to send it to Europe? Or send to a buddy of mine's shipping firm in California?