1994 Yo! in sapphire fade


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Ok Iknow it's a bit late (I've been a member for quite some time now), but here's a recent pic. of my ride.
Tell me what you think.


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Yo Eddy!

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Well, to me it is definately a Cool bike!

First things I noticed were nice Syncros fork and you must be a tall guy ;) , with the seat so high on an already ML or L frame.

Seems to be a nice build up with Salsa stem, Syncros post, Cook Bros(?) cranks.... Are that brakes V-brakes? If so, serious fanatics would argue they don't match with the era of the Syncros forks etc. BTW is that a suspension corrected frame? Does the bike handle well with the short forks? (would be great to know as I have a few Switchblades lying around and my matching Judy possibly won't last 100 years)

The overal visual appeal of the bike is great!


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Looks great. No larger picture available zoomed in at the bike with less dining table at hand? Would be nice to take a closer look.