1996 Chameleon


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She is finally done.

Build list:
Headset-Cane Creek
Stem-Control Tech
Bars-Titec Hellbent
Shifters-LX (soon to be XT)
Cables-Avid Flak Jacket
Rims- Mavic 217
Hubs- Nuke Proof
Tires- Hutchinson Python light
Der. Frt and Rear- Shimano XT
Seatpost- Thomson
Saddle-WTB Rocket V
Fork- Amp F-3
Brakes- Avid Black Ops
Cassette- Shimano 8spd hyperglide
BB and Cranks- Race Face Evolve XC


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interesting build list. i must say that the Chameleon fade is one of the best paint schemes of all. not sure why i like it so much - there is just something about it.

is that frame new or was it repainted? it looks to be in stunning shape in the pics.


p.s. glad to see you are treating those bikes right by keeping them nice and toasty during winter.


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Yea, I know it is different. I had this big retro plan but parts and funds availability limited my options. So I used what I had laying around and what I could afford. I figured a ridable bike is better than an unfinished project. It really is a mix of old and new isn't it? Oh well, it's pretty and rides awesome. The paint is original with a couple of scratches you cannot see in the pics. I would love to act all chivalrous but the heater was for me not the bike.