1997 Chris Chance Harlequin


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Chris Chance road bike from 1997 with Campy Athena gruppo, Mavic Reflex rims, Veloflex Corsa open tubulars, 3T Pro Chrome stem, 3T Forma handlebars, Fizik tape and Flite in matching colors. Quite a unique bike. My brother will be riding this. I got this of Craigslist in fair condition and made a full overhaul. I had doubts about colored tires like blue, but I think black tires make that the attention goes completely too the frame. (edit: This paint job is called "Matt's paint job".)


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chris chance

beautiful bike, I love the paint scheme (but I do not believe that it was called harlequin). A similar paint job is shown in the 95 catalog and called "Matt's paint". The harlequin is black on one side and silver on the other..


When I see this bike, an inner voice says to me so I would also like to have one. The only true race bike Pieter especially this unique paint job. This combination of colors reflect the spirit of Fat Chance: funky, unique, cool, individual, crazy, etc. etc. Just as we are all here too. And yes - the frame is the thing. Thank you for sharing this beauty with us.

Many greetings from Germany



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Well done! I hemmed and hawed about buying that one, but I am glad it went to you and turned out so nicely! You should stick it in the RBUK Fat paint poll--it is a super nice example of "Matt's Paint."

Really nice that it has the segmented fork too.


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Didn't they call it painter's choice at one point or just Matt's? memory not so good here...

I have seen that scheme in person and was really surprised how MUCH I liked it. It does embody the whole spirit as well...the photo in the catalog didn't do it for me...but in person it rocks!