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Well I finally got around to building up a bike I bought back in December 2010

It is an Oriental Blue - 1992 54cm Slim Chance...

Serial number 080S24

Bought as an entire bike off of ebay from a vintage bike seller for $850

Got it home and discovered the previous owner was a real sweater...

The top tube clear coat was delaminating, and minor surface rust was starting to settle in....

I sanded it down in places and picked off most of clear coat on top...

inspected the BB...it is perfect.

painted the areas I sanded with fingernail polish...

Bottom line is that I will ride this for the summer and get it repainted at the end of the year by Spectrum....Not sure if I will stay with same color.

Would like opinions...love SETTEMARCHE's team violet version.

I did find original Columbus Decals from Germany. I was told at the time - Spectrum had Slim Chance decals for repaint - but may have to go to YoKris or someone else for them when the time comes...

I will in all likelyhood, replace the top tube braze-ons with loops for a continuous cable.

Will consider nickel platting the drop outs to keep it fresh down there...

I had to replace most of the parts as they had seen better days...and I wanted my own stamp on the build.

Cinelli Bar and Stem

Modolo Professional Brakes - Tektro Aero mount levers

Campy C Record Crankset

Campagnolo Record 8sp indexing downtube shifters

Chorus 8 Speed R Der - C record Front - Record Cassette

Thomson Seatpost

Fizik Arione Saddle - because that what I ride on my main road bike

Campagnolo Record 8 speed Hubs with Ambrosio Cronos heat treated - tubulars

XTR pedals...again thats what i ride on all of my bikes

I have yet to ride for any distance, but the jaunt around the neighborhood was tasty...

Will post more pix when nature will cooperate...


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Great bike, beautiful color. You could also check with keith Anderson for a repaint. He recently did a '82 Chris Chance road for me.

The only thing I do not like about your bike is the seatpost (Thomsons are great, I know, but this bike should have someting like a Nitto 65 or a Campy), the bottle cage (too bulky: get a King Cage) and the brake levers (some nice NOS record levers would look great).

But apart from that it looks like a great ride, so congratulations!


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Thank you for all of your feedback...

It's a work in progress with little restoration or focus on period correct so far...

Need cash and patience to paint - find parts, and get proper levers...(almost won a pair of Record Aero yesterday on ebay)

It's tough, I have enough Campy 10 stuff to build out modern as I have seen others do...but think I should keep it 8 speed. I also have the original Chorus 8 speed brake shift levers, but they need work based on corrosion from previous owner. I really do prefer the downtube variety, as it brings back days of bike racing in the 80's for me...

I have record calipers, and chorus calipers new and old, but no NOS MONOPLANERS as came stock on the bike. (I would argue the MODOLO's are a better brakes). I also have non aero levers, modolo, campagnolo, but feel it looks better with aero, thus the cheap campy copy tektro's....

In terms of a seatpost, i have the original silver American Classic, and I have two good TURBO saddles one in black one on white, that may eventually find there way on the bike.

As far as a Campagnolo post, they are aero, and there is so little post coming out that it would not work based on their shape. I could go older style Super record...but 26.8 is hard to find in that flavor so far...

It really does need paint, (it's a good 20 footer now) but close inspection reveals the touch up.

I will probably stay with the original color...it's growing on me in leaps and bounds.

I think at this point - I should ride, tweak and fit before investing anymore....

best wishes



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Looks great! I, too, have a TSX tubed 54 Slim that could use a re-spray. I was thinking of going with the blue that's on the head tube logo.

I'd leave the cable guides as is, but I can see why you would want to run closed cables after dealing with a bike that has been heavily sweated on.


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looks good in the pics. as for the drivetrain - all that stuff looks pretty good. i did the modern thing since my bike was frame only. you should be able to find a seat post on eBay. i had to look for awhile but they are out there. mine is the aero style as well. i ended up sending it out for anodize so it would blend in with the stem and headset. with yours being all silver you are all set.

keep us posted on the progress,