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86 trials

time to rebuild

needs - wheels - forks, rd, cables, rebuild/new pedals, headset,
oh i suppose i should finally get around to putting new shifters and levers on
and ....

thinking about phil wood hubs ....
forks - need forks . 1" threaded
rd - 3 wheel if i can find

and for paint - i think it might be cool to just prep and clear coat, keeping all the scars.
picked up my backup ride - the guy i was living with - the guy i was sharing a house with , the guy - (NOT MY BOYFRIEND - is that clear )


i have another bike to ride ,,, it is a el-cheapo bike - that is actually not too bad considereing it is a pile .....
so i guess the rebuild is a go-

i was checking it over and taking pics of all the nasty bits ,....

broken hubs , cracked rims, just a mess, not road-worthy, or safe.
i can putt around on it, which is all i can do, just because it is in such bad shape.
but, yeah, ---where was i , it is not safe to ride.
too many broken parts ...
no front brake ... rear brake not working so good.

now - lets see how much money this will be ,.....

phil wood read hub - green - solid axle -
$150 front
$200 rear
still avoiding the cassette type hubs, i bought them when they first came out,
and i would eat through a entire drivetrain in 6 months ...
so paying for a complete drivetrain every 6 months is not acceptable.
( now _maybe_ the never stuff is better, but i am still jaded, sticking with spin-on )
forks - this is a try to find item, nobody makes 1" threaded ..... $100
need a 24" sun rhyno lite xl rim - $45

already at $600 bones ....
seems like too much cash -
rim + hub - i need for sure - so about 250+

oh - you may wonder why i am picking these parts ...

because i have used similar parts for .... 25 --
wow - it has actually been 25 years-
i am running 25 year old parts ....

and - i expect these new parts to last ----- 25 years ....

ok -
sun 24" 36h four cross ryno lite xl with a phil fsa - spokes - no idea ...dt swiss?14/15
mavic 26" 32h three cross 317 with a phil
not too much cash - and should roll like a wheel .......

what else ..... brakes and shifters .....
i had some old school magura - i would like more of those.
and maybe some type of high end grip shifter

ooooooooooo avid brakes - lookin nice ....
and the sram twist shifters .... 9.0
and ...

i will need a new rd very soon too ...
and pedals - i tried to get them apart - will need a special tool,
but they should be fixable.
and that's the plan ....
re - backup bike
man that $99 pile of steel crap is a nice ride.
nice riding new parts ,,,, even crap new parts ,,,,
anyway - i have a decent frame in storage - rocky mountain blizzard - old - very old
so i can swap over the parts - and at least have a halfway decent bike ...
while the fat is being fixed ....

got my hub quote

$540 - 550 just for phil hubs ( in green ) - order goes out in a couple days.
some damn expensive hubs ..... damn
i will get them - seems like too much.
but lets do the math
550/25 = $22 per year -
550/45000 = ab00t a penny a mile ......
i can afoord a penny a mile ....

i finally found a decent brake -
took 25 years - but i can finally get nice pieces for my bike ..... . oh well


demolition or revenge in green .....

yeah - i am going green
so - i am actually finding nice parts .... believe me, these parts did not exist back in the day - so i am rather stoked ...

a friend went out drinking for his 19th birthday .
came home, passed out - woke up dead .....

oh yeah - i came up with a theme for the rebuild
i like it - i'm not telling, but you will like it.

might order hubs today - big commitment with the hubs.

forks - buy a cheapo tange - and do my custom crown mod .. i guess .
you guys want crazy money for a steel fork ... crazy ...

oh yeah - it is finally going to warm up tomorrow...

i froze my feet a couple weeks ago - very ugly. i wanted to post pics to gross ya'll out

so i guess, -40 to +40 in ... 2-3 days ....
yeah - it has been -40 here . brutal . i am freezing stuff ...
toes, ears , fingers, wrists, cheek, and .....ankles ..
pretty good huh . got my toes pretty good , not real good, just borderline.

coming along nicely

rim ordered - 24" 36h sun ryno lite xl black

i bought hubs from a lbs
front hub $10
rear hub $10

avid brake levers
sram 7 twist shifters
alloy headset dura-ace
u-brake - bigge fat something
mavic 26" 32h 317 front rim

new cables and housing
( although i don't like the newer shifter stuff - i like the old style cable housing )

now just find/make a decent fork
fix pedals
maybe a new freewheel
build wheels
paint - unlikely, maybe get a can of clear ....+ rust killer.

should be finished some time next week

no phil hubs - just can't - i buy hubs for $10 MAX



custom fork
1" threaded with 990 mounts - maybe disk - but unlikely - both

i guess i should start thinking about buing custom carbon parts ...

my seat post i buit - pictured - was built in 92 - 93 -
so 15-16 years -
it is attached permanently to the frame.
no weight is given - i just don't know -

was something like 25-30 batches of 25-30 gr resin ....
so - one pound+ for seat/post/collar

the reason - the main reason i stopped - was because of changes to the import rules regarding the materials.

i was unable to get the stuff - it was such a pain - i gave up.

basically need a american friend to re-route the product through customs.

sounds fishy, but that's just the way to works.
the pther option it to ship it to a broker, and then travel.
such a pain - i will stop thinking about it again .....

forks here
i think these ones tend to bend at the top of the blade - at the crown
so add some meat to the crown - and it should be good to go
a fairly decent fork

still trying to think of a design for a cable pull length adjustment mod
a cam, a lever, pulleys, there are multiple options/ideas
should be easy enough to find something that works ...
maybe just pick the correct freewheel --- maybe a 8 speed
then i think all the problems go away.

and just for the record ....

sis index type shifting does NOT work so good at -40
( and all conditions up top that point )
yet another area where i think new bikes are pure ****

yeah - there are lots of new hubs at lbs for basically free.
with people switching over to disk brakes, there is a huge pile of new hubs - for free!

my rim should be here soon -
and - i think i will build them up myself
--- don't trust lbs mechs ... never have .. maybe never will.

add a 8-sp freewheel
add a tange fork
and that's about it ....


found a fork $24
built the front wheel - it is ok i guess -

should have my rear rim today .... soon anyway

and i think i found a place to buy that socket to fix my pedals.
i guess it will be another week at least...

spoke calculator

or the mavic one


ok - my new rim has arrived - i can pick it up tomorrow. (today)
and that completes the part list
i should have enough pieces to put it all back together again

very excited

it was unreal how worn out my front rim was.
i took pictures, but it didn't show up on film

i am kinda outta money here - can i finish ---- i think so - very close
i think i may have about 150 - so - -50rim -40spokes -30bills - 20 - 10
very tight -
it is worth it - i waited a very long time to get a decent 24" rim

a very, very, long time .......

pick up rim/spokes
cut fork - align race
build wheel
- then it is just putting the pieces in the correct places

oh yeah - my pedals - i can't get them apart - it is such a pain .....
i may have to use a $5 pair for a week or two ....


hopefully anyway - if there is no damage to the frame - unlikely


rear wheel built - mostly
36h sun ryno lite XL 24" - dt swiss straight guage 4X

the rear was a bit of a pain to lace - i had to redo it, cause i was mixing up spokes,
and had a weird pattern going .... but looks sweet -

headset race installed - i had to ream it out a bit - the bike shop refused to do it
just cause it was not the exact correct piece .....
seems like the mechs there have a clue .....

so i am at the lbs getting the rim - and the guys asks me -
" what do you need a 24" for "

"just my fat chance ---"

eyes go to saucers ---- jaw hits the floor .....
"you got a fat chance!, I had a friend try to find me a fat chance _T_SHIRT_ and he couldn't get one ....."

goes into the back where the mechs are ----

mechanic nearly has a cow ---- apparently went into convulsions ....
a fat chance !.....

comes running out , asking questions." what kind of gearing . what cranks ...
dude - you gotta bring that in sometime .."

weird - a 25 year old drooling over a 25 year old bike .....

i mean, i knew the bike has a bit of a reputation ... but this is sssick

tried to find my pics - don't know if they are on my sd card or not ..????

and yes --- it was about $600 bones to get it done .... nice estimate there .....
i have my pics here with me.

i had a squirrel bounce off my front spokes yesterday -
i was happy to look back and see i didn't kill the little guy ....

and i made a movie about dishing wheels - i doubt i will post it ...







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1 - rd - three wheel suntour - impossible to replace - has about 1" of side-side play ...!
2 - pedal - the bearing exploded inside ....
3 - headset - mismatched parts tend to fail in a epic way
4 - front
5 - the view
6 - carbon seat post i built in 93 or so ...
7 - that terrible roller cam brake ..... the suckiest part that ever sucked ...
8 - drops
9 - front
10 - bb ( note the phil wood spindle ... )
11 -

also - rear hub damage , wheel damage , etc

no food money for a couple weeks - but whatever .....
... gives me more time to fix the bike .
i think i will give it a more thorough restore on the frame .
it just looks too rough at this point .... kill some rust ,. clean it up a bit ...
so i guess - i will be done in two weeks -
eta - feb 17
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Now that looks like a fun project. The uglier they are in the begining the more I love 'em, as the possibilities are endless.

Just curious...does the stem have an aluminum quill and wedge? Could you shoot me a side shot of the stem?




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-oh shoot - it got erased ....

rgr - -- al quill stem - specialized

i will get pics.

as for the bike - i am fighting with the axle - i would like to get my solid axle back on there
but --- the threads are in rough shape and
wrenching on 25 -year -old -rusted axle bolts is a total pain -

since there is no rush - i guess i will get a new axle and new freewheel

trying - seems rather seized at the moment -
will hammer bigger/harder later in the day .......

hammer went ok
but it is totally seized .

i cut the steer tube - and i guess i will have to get my grinder and grind.
it will be a few days ....

OR NOT - i just cut it off -- you can see a spot where i cut a bit too much ...
should be a non-critical scratch ....

kinda looks a bit bent ....

and trying to up pics of the .... uuh ummm repair ..

get a big hammer ....
can of penetrating oil ...
hacksaw ...

try to hammer it out ..
cut steer tube
shoot penetrating oil everywhere ...

nothing --- so i cut into the steer tube - up - along the seam - to split the pipe open .
i have a pic - but things are currently tardy ,,,,, i gotta go ..

[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0865.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0865.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0865.jpg"] [/URL][/URL][/URL]
[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0866.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0866.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0866.jpg"] [/URL][/URL][/URL]
[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0867.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0867.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0867.jpg"] [/URL][/URL][/URL]

and i wanted to mention ...
all the rust you see - is a recent addition.

only in the last year or two, has there been the use of salt.
this is very unusual here.

normally there is no salt used, but due to climate change,
i guess they are using more salt now

my bike was _never_ like this before ...

well once - when i went to calgary - my bike turned red in about three days there.
and now it is happeneing here ....

sad -

example ----
thinking .... last spring - when there was the first rain of the year .
the roads turned white with saltwater.

all white - it was amazing ..... never seen that before ....


ok - we have some frame damage
there seems to be some loose flakes in the downtube
and maybe some in the stays ---

i say - it is small amount - and not a worry at this point ....
no obvious damage - tubes seem "sound"
note to self ---- consider doing something about it ..... but not yet .

it is all disassembled and ready for prep

i decided ( my wallet decided )
that i will be putting on a clear coat.

i have some epoxy resin - i will mix that up - and paint it on -
it is a high quality epoxy ---- west systems -- fairly decent stuff
should double as a high quality clear coat.

tried to kill some rust today -
i will clear coat tomorrow -
and begin assembly - i guess on Sunday.

and i decided to post my dish tool movie
i like it - it is kinda sweet

programs used - quicktime and sorenson squeeze
( can't afford them - but i can tell you how great they are ...)

[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0868.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0868.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0868.jpg"] [/URL][/URL][/URL]

and a link just for fun ...

i may vacation in Danmark this year - that is the plan anyway ....

mon - tues - 09-02-10

project on hold for a week - i have mid tems - and i am way behind.

freezing rain tonight - the ride back home will be a adventure

parts list still needed ..

stem - forks are the old 21mm bmx style dia.
rim tape
cable shielding ( i think i will run full cables - give it a try )
new pedals - kona wah wahs look like a good choice
and i might redo my front wheel - i am not totally happy with it - we'll see

i pulled my rocky mountain blizzard out of storage
i threw it in a snow bank - hope it stays there
it is a nice frame - seems very light
frame/fork/headset/seat/post/bb/chain/leftside crank and pedal/ and ...bars/stem
that will be a nice rebuild as well -
i will do it after the fat. and i guess i will just keep using this thread....


fri 13


7 speed freewheel
new braKE PADS
better cable housing
rim tape
stem - wrong size - it was $4 - ...
waa waa pedals

and the sweetest axel ever

i think i can get a stem over at the close bike shop
i was in there earlier - and i think they had one.
need grease and
i think i will most likely do the front wheel again

and i am out of school for a week 1/2
so i can actually get all the work done ...

i guess - it will still be 3 -4 days.
almost there.

i think the stem was labeled incorrectly -


found a stem - this one was labeled incorrectly, but was the correct size.

and that should be just about it.
front wheel - i will leave it for now-
i can either make another, or fix it later if necessary
...it is not a front wheel for a suspension fork...
prep frame - and finish putting it all back together.


09 02 15

my bike just died -
i think the freewheel broke
it has been giving me grief - and i think i felt it snap
i would guess it is the second time in 25+ years i have had a freewheel die on me

no - i just checked it

it was just frozen
there is some water inside it
the warm weather last week, and the freezing rain caused uber problems.

damn warm weather ......


the pieces are going together ...
i must say i like the epoxy finish ....good call on the

first offer for $3333,33 USD will be refused ....
( prolly $1500,00+ in new parts ....close to it )




the fork is wrong
so - i asked the shop to replace the parts .
if not - then i guess i will be off to court

major bummer

that mechanic is smoking too much cannabis i suspect.
it is ok
i doubt they will fix it without a law suit

i will have Timmy save the day-

good ol' timmy





it is a holiday today - i am sure nothing is open
need cable housing

and i think i can use that fork if i weld on v - bosses

hey man - it just has to make it to the beer store and back - thats it .... heh
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that's all for now

i will try to get 990 bosses for the front

[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0878.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0878.jpg"] [/URL][/URL]

[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0879.jpg"][URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0879.jpg"] [/URL][/URL]

[URL="http://i297.photobucket.com/albums/mm211/Commander_CB/IMGP0880.jpg"] [/URL]

i think i will weld the bracket directly to the fork ...................... tack weld some spots


and to conclude ...

for me

period correct = no seat post + crappy tires .... nope not going there

full cables are very nice - i think i will do them like this from now on .. we'll see
brakes ---- never had better brakes - likely better than a disk .... ???
shifters will take some getting used to - but shifts fine - mostly .....
there is some extra weight ... er ummmm burlyness

for some reason - i just can't seem to wipe out ..
the handling is beyond amazing ...

i.e - - was sprinting through a yellow/red , to turn onto a main street.
basically clean concrete , frozen tyres ,and a hint of snow ....
0--- two wheel sideways slide - full speed - on concrete ... just corrected and kept going - sweet ... oh course turned back to "hang loose" the cars at the red ,,,


final post - thread closed .

Thank You to the gals and guys at FAT CITY CYCLES
for sending me this frame for free. ( long story )
not much else to say - i always thought it was the greatest bike ever ... just might be




update -

i had my bike vandalized today -

i guess they tried to steal my gel seat - but it is glued on ...
so he got pissed and kicked in my rear wheel .

7- 8 broken spokes - still rolls straight.
and they tried to slash my tire.

that's funny - you can't even slash that tire with a knife - crazy

it still roll ok - i have no money to fix it - so i will be rolling around like that for a week
maybe -- 10 bucks or so to fix, i need to repack it .
and fix up my bottom bracket...
minor repairs

what else - my front Derailleur broke awhile back - i have a stick stuck in it.

and - i guess some kids tried to steal my rear wheel - they must have been scared off ...

oh yeah --
one more thing

i had questioned the use of the f word when naming the bike

it is the correct name

what a ****en sweet bike ..

**** yeah
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so - couple years gone by - the bike is completely worn out again - . combination of hills and sandy conditions - looking to rebuild again within a month or so ...

a guy offered me a blank cheque ( check ) for it -
getting close to retire the old girl - had its 25th birthday

still my daily driver . been a good ride.



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heya -

i am looking to contact roddy
or any of the original builders -

i think the frame could use - a ... " look at "