89 Wicked project

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Just picked this up off of ebay, listed in fair condition but looks pretty good. Not a museum piece - plan on riding it as is.

Gave it a nice bubble bath and a good waxing before applying some JP Weigle to the seat tube, down tube, head tube, bottom bracket, & steerer. I was surprised to see the seat tube and down tube had vent holes into the bottom bracket - thought these were all sealed tubes?

Popped the seals off the bearings, they looked original & untouched, cleaned out the old grease and repacked with some Phil's.

The BB cable guide was held in place by a wood screw & plastic push in - weird, found the pop rivet in the BB. Need to get that riveted back on then start the build.



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Looking forward to getting it on the trails, my first Fat was an 89 - black frame with the bright green fork.

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One step forward - Two steps back

Forward - got the bb cable guide riveted back in place.

Back - picked up a Chris King no logo 1" headset, stack height is too tall, doh! Then picked up a nice Deore headset forgetting that there are two different crown race sizes, yup - got the wrong size.

Soooo, does anyone have a 26.4 crown race for a Deore/Deore XT headset?

Looking to trade/sell/etc.


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Ready for cables

Just need to cable it up, gets some grips, .........and wait for the glacier to recede. We're at 117 inches of snow and counting.


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Super nice! Many thanks to you and to other Wicked posts at FC for inspiring me to undertake a Wicked project. I will post soon about my project.