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1990 Fat chance Wicked, 18". I purchased the frame and fork NOS from McLain Cycle in Traverse City, MI in June of 1992 for $450. Originally it was Grello.

sadly, this is the best image I currently have of it in original-ish guise in 1992 (color was way brighter than it appears in that crappy pic though - my little brother apparently dug it!). It actually matched the Unishock pretty well:

IMG_0002 by rmplum, on Flickr

Rode it hard for 3-4 years in school, tried a few rattle can paint jobs (me = idiot), sent it back to Fat in spring of 1996 for a factory repaint. I chose Arrest Me Red!

DSCF9454 by rmplum, on Flickr

I rode it for a year or so out of college, then sold it to my brother. He rode it for a few years, and sold it to a buddy. Then I guess it went globetrotting. My brother ran into the guy at Fat Tire Fest a few years ago (2006 or 2007 maybe) and bought it back. He built it up pretty nice, then traded it back to me about a year or so ago. I'm thrilled to have it back.

It's now a singlespeed using a White Industries ENO eccentric hub:

DSCF9455 by rmplum, on Flickr

found these Ritchey (Dia Compe) brake levers in my box of junk at home, along with the Oury grips.

DSCF9465 by rmplum, on Flickr

Salsa 11 degree bar. Mongo wide - may have to cut that down a bit...

DSCF9469 by rmplum, on Flickr

Not period correct (the bar) but the whole SS wheelset kinda throws that out the door anyway. Found the 13cm Ritchey stem in my parts box too. It may have been the one I put on the bike when I bought it new. Not sure. Have a 16cm Salsa in the box as well - no roller though. :sad:

DSCF9464 by rmplum, on Flickr

Nice brakes (thanks bro)

DSCF9476 by rmplum, on Flickr

Gawd do I hate chain suck. I'm gonna need to work on my touch up paint skills I think. If I ever put gears back on it, I'll probably do a 1x7 or 1x8.

DSCF9478 by rmplum, on Flickr

Original FAT unicrown fork, but currently in cue at Igleheart for one of his Big One Inch beauties. Always wanted one, might as well skip a few meals to make it happen. I'll probably just have that BOI done in black, as this frame has enough scuff on it to warrant a repaint (back to Grello?) in a few years.

DSCF9457 by rmplum, on Flickr

non-drive side as it sits:

DSCF9475 by rmplum, on Flickr

Obviously the seat is non-period-correct, but as I said before, that bridge has been burned. If I come upon a nice original Flite, Avocet 02, Turbo or Regal I'll replace it.

DSCF9473 by rmplum, on Flickr

ummm, NO, but I guess that's all they had for stickers back in spring of 96.

I need to get some bigger rubber on there. The skin-wallish Conti Mountain King ProTection 2.2s are tempting right now. Also watching FirstFlight's Z-Max "bring em back from the dead" thread. Looks snug in this pic, but there's room for more. The new fork should allow a biggun' up front.

DSCF9471 by rmplum, on Flickr

I have a nice set of XTR 950/Mavic 517 wheels at home, which are close, but not quite correct for a 1990 bike. Keeping it singlespeed for now as that's all I've been riding for 2-3 years now anyway.

Anyway, thanks for listening....


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10 more...

miles on the singletrack on Sunday afternoon. Just wonderful.

About 21.9 lbs as pictured. That doesn't hurt either.


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That's a nice looking ride. It is great to have the story to go with it. Don't worry about the period correct thing. I think the best vintage bikes are the ones that are ridden instead of the ones that are mounted on a wall. Whatever gets you out there on the trails is fine by me.


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front end by Igleheart

We did "ok" on the color match to 14yr old Arrest Me Red!

It's kinda funny, looks spot on sometimes, and darker from other views.


Anyway, rides great and tons of room for a bigger front tire.


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Does it have the Yo or the wicked original fork rake?

I believe Chris recommended the original 1.75" Wicked rake. That was good enough for me.

I rode it at lunch today. Still incredible - it's like an extension of my body.



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Great story.. I hope you have a good ride to replace it now that the frame is going...

They sure rail on the tight twisty single track.