'92 Yo Eddy! project


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Not sure whether this goes here or under General Fat Chance Discussion. Sorry about the length, but it seems better to put all of this in one place at the start rather than in multiple posts.

I bought the Yo Eddy! discussed in the thread started by Mudbug ("Team Fat Chance 820Y2M") on 06/16/11 (#15085 @ <http://www.fatcogs.com/forum/showpost.php?p=15085&postcount=1>) and posted for sale on 06/18/11 (#15101 <http://www.fatcogs.com/forum/showthread.php?p=15101#post15101>).

It arrived as represented (i.e., in virtually new condition) except for a scratch on the seat stay that I'll try to touch up with fingernail polish if I can find a good match (unless someone here has some paint they're willing to share or knows the paint code or a good source).

I'd appreciate any suggestions/discussion regarding what I might best do to upgrade the components on this bike. I have a Somerville-made '94 Yo Eddy (#219 in the Registry <http://www.fatcogs.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6675&postcount=219>). I bought it new; Drew Clark at the old Maxim Cylces in Denver advised me on component selection and built it; then I just rode it and maintained it well without caring about or paying any attention to evolving mtb technology. Most technical talk goes straight over my head. So don't worry about insulting my intelligence.

I think the sensible place to start is probably with the wheels. The rims are Specialized XL21s.

I wouldn't mess around with my '94 unless there were a compelling reason, but I'm not as hung-up about maintaining period-correctness with the '92 because 1) the build isn't sentimental to me, and 2) the components seem like a hodge-podge selection.

Once concern is frame geometry and the front fork. I believe the '92 is not "suspension corrected", right? The '92 has a Marzocchi Bomber Z3 Lite. My '94 has a RockShox Judy SL with White Brothers. Hardbody Cartridge. The '92 stands stands about a 1/2" taller than the '94 where the top tube joins the head tube. Should I care about that?

Thanks for any suggestions. I don't want to get stupid with this thing, but I'm willing to invest make a match it up with high quality stuff.


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Here's Mudbug's description of the bike:

Yo Eddy, Team Fat Chance
Serial Number 820Y2M
Color green, pink, purple
Size Medium
Fork Marzocchi Bomber,1 in. head tube.
Stem Ritchey
Handlebars Specialized
Brakes Shimano Deore LX cantilevers
Brake levers Dia Comp Power Control 7
Shifters GripShifters
Hubs Shimano Deore XT. 7 speed cassette on rear
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT, 7 speed
Front Derailleur Shimano Deore XT
Headset Crane Creek
Crank set Specialized, triple, Sugino rings
Pedals Shimano
Seat post Ritchey
Rims Specialized 32 spoke

I will definitely want to lose the GripShifters.