'93 Buckshaver

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DOHHHH......I'm such a dork. Lets try again.....


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Mojo Troll

Here's a shot of Mojo Troll (hence the screen name). He really digs on the roof rack with the wind blowing through his hair.

I got my mojo about eight years ago. Back when trolls on the ends of pencils were easier to find. Sadly my inventory is down to the last one you see here. The wind at 70 MPH starts to take a toll on thier hair after a while. If anyone out there has some of these silly trolls on pencils stored in a box. I'll be more than happy to buy them off you. I've been stopping at every dollar store or flea market I pass trying to find my mojo.

Does this make me a freak?


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Buck Shaver

Very nice bike, I have never seen a Buck in Team Violet before.
Who are using to have the frame painted? Are they going to be able to match the "pearl" in the paint? I have a couple of bikes in that color and have wondered whether it can be matched, as one will need to re-painted eventually.

As for Doug's comment about re-anodizing, have you had this done before? If so, how did it come out and how expensive was it?

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This frame actually has a few interesting things that don't follow production standards. Then again, Fat City sometimes did what they felt like on any given day (AHHH.....the beuty of boutique).

I ordered decals from Wyndel. When I send her the serial # and frame color for reference to make sure I got the correct ones. I recieved most of the correct ones. Apon further investigation I found several things.

1) Team violet was'nt an option on first year production Buckshavers. (I think it was red and black only the first year made???)
2) The down tube decal I recieved on the replacements was the standard "Fat Chance" that you normally see on Buckshavers, as well as, other designs. Where as mine has the "Team Fat Chance" which you see in the pic.
3) Instead of mine having the "Buckshaver" decal on the non drive side top tube. I have the four black eyed mug and crossbone decals just like the Yo, on my non drive side top tube.

All other marking are as they should be for this time period. I ask Wendyl about it and she was honest, she simply did'nt know.

When I originally bought this bike. I happen to be traveling through Little Rock, Ar. back in late '93. I stumbled across a shop as I was passing through. Turns out the owner of the shop raced mtn bikes and had a habit of building up bikes, riding them for a few months. Then putting them on the floor for sale. This Fat was one of his projects, with a color matched Manitou 3 at the time. Instintly I fell in love with this bike without even knowing the first thing about Fat City. It was an "impulse buy", " I must have this".

Perhaps the original owner special ordered the paint?? Heck, he might of had a small sponsership for all I know. Then again, Fat City was known for coloring outside the lines. Maybe the crew whipped up a non standard color and markings for this particular frame?

These are all questions, that might very well go unanswered. Perhaps it's better that way.

What I do know is. This frame has forever changed my life. Reflecting back, I never would have thought an "impulse" buy while passing through Little Rock Ar, would help lead me to this point in my life.

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Great bike and a very nice story!

Maybe you should consider to take the bike out of the box and build it up again. In that case you could be pedalling your Fat tomorrow. Besides that, a frame looking a bit old and tired could also be interpretated as having more character. Your Fat difinately has character. Also consider: Originality is also worth something. Only some considerations.

Enjoy your Fat! I really like it.



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I love the team violet......

I first saw it on a shock-a-billy in Bromley Bike(UK distributors for FAT in bygone days) the colour knocked me out.....When I eventually decided to buy a Yo I called Bromley up and the said they had a medium purple/sapphire fade so I drove all the way to London from Southampton,only to find it was a s./m....pants!

I loved the purple in the sapp/purple fade so ordered it just all over purple...which I still love but the team Violet ...... Inspired me to have my IF SS with lavender panels.

Great Story....... anybody else?

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Sadly the Ringle seatpost died a terrible death. I neglected to put some anti sieze on the post for a couple years. Needless to say, 80 bucks and three weeks of a great LBS's hard work, maticulasly hacksawing, got it removed. :oops: Lube your post people. Trust me, it was'nt pretty.

I've never had any ano work done. These days most decent sized cities probobly have shops that can do it. Might be worth cheaking into.

The cool thing about the team violet paint is, there are no two the same. It's a violet under coat with red met sprayed over. The way light reflects off can make it look a different shade.


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theres a cool reason why the lavender is never the same. Do you know what the colours based on? the "milka" chocolate bar wrapper! the colour varies slightly when the metallic red flake is lightly oversprayed to give it the slight sparkle ;)

Its gonna be a b'std to colour match some forks to it tho :)

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Yeah, when I first purchased the bike. The original owner had a Manitou 3 that was color matched to the frame. It was a little off from the frame. In all honesty, I'm probobly the only person that ever noticed. I can't help but look at those beautiful welds with a close eye, or clean those hard to reach places with a tooth brush on ocassion.

I think a good painter will be able to get a good match. Considering the painter should be spraying both the frame and fork with the same paint batches.

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Excellent bike and fantastic history.........I love bikes with character and a history.............after all isn't that why we love Fat's so much, if we didn't we'd all ride faceless, uberlight taiwanese lumps of aluminium.

Every bike I own has a unique story written by previous owners and I like to think that as I ride the bikes I write new chapters that will someday be passed on to new owners who will appreciate and develope the bikes character.

Perhaps another topic for a forum :0)