93' Yo Eddy


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Hi there.

I actually want to show you my Fat. I bought the frame with a manitou one 1994 from a guy, who did never built it up.
I needed 9 Month, to complete it an drove it without any changes until 1997. Then I "modified" it with a Judy SL Fork an drove it until 2008 as I bought a new Fully.
I realized, that there was rust on the seattube wich I let repair and so the YoEddy got a new colour, too. Original it was metallic teal. The fork was made by the welder, who repaired the frame.
In the beginnig of the 90ies I buildet it up with 900 er XTR parts, Gripshift, HS22 RacelLine and RaceFace. Now I chosed Campy, Syncros and Cooks parts.

It is still really fun to ride it ...

Regards Chris


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hi christof, welcome to fat cogs.

i like the build with the campy parts much more than the older one.

fantastic !!!

regrads jochen


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That's sweet. I love the color.....I'd rather see different tires, but hey, once you ride those they will darken up a bit :)


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Thanks guys!
Hi Jochen and Jan. Nice to see you here, too.

@ yo-Nate-y
I guess I have to keep the tires on cause they are a gift from my wife :rolleyes:
But seriously I drive them quite often and they are not getting darker. Good quality unfortunately ;)


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Hi Christof,
nice to see you here on Fatcogs. Your Yo Eddy is even more beautiful than ever.
Best regards, Helmut


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Thanks Helmut ;)

@ theredchili

These are Onza Macaw Tires, rear and front differnet. I have only once seen them, never again.

Regards, Chris