'93 Yo! Fork


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Would a '93 Yo! Eddy frame be suspension corrected or not?

It feels like the head tube angle is slacker than I'd have expected on my Yo. I measured the fork to crown on the Yo! Eddy fork that is on it and it's right at 41cm, which would seem to me is suspension corrected. Is a '93 frame built to match that?


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If my info is correct, 1993 thru 1995 Yo frames were built to accept 2" travel forks. After 1995 they were built for 2.5" travel. I have a BIG ONE INCH fork that is corrected for 2" of travel and its 41cm measured as you described... Also, a few years ago someone at FAT told me that serial #'s that were in the '1000' series take a 2" fork.
BTW I checked out your website....its cool! love your bike collection info! :!: