? about the 20th anniversary frame


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? about the 10th anniversary frame

It's gotten a lot of views already, so I'm sure others have seen it, but there's a 10th anniversary frame currently FS up on the 'Bay. I was curious, and I'm sure someone out there can tell me, but what are the differences between the 10th anniversary frame, and say, another Yo Eddy from '92? I can spot things like the head badge and curved chainstays, and the obvious paint job, but I'm under the impression that the tubes might be different, too, yielding a slightly more comfortable ride, like they did with the Wicked Lite. Inquiring minds want to know.


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The curved chainstay is not 10th typical. The Yo has it as well. Only the right chainstay to make room for the chainrings. That is why they are called assymetrical stays.

I think the 10th was a kind of expertimental approach for how later Yos had to be made. If I recall correctly (some) tubing specs came back on later Yos.

I heard the 10th had a rider weight limit of about 85kg. I do not know whether that involves it is actually more fragile or that they set the limit because they simply didn't know how the 10th would behave under a heavier rider.

Do not know whether it is more comfortable than a regular Yo, but it sounds plausible it is, in particular when you take into account the BOI compared to the older Yo Eddy! fork.


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10th Anniversary

Although the catalog states no weight limit, I have also heard something similar. I have a medium and do not believe that I have ever seen a larger one, perhaps a M/L?

Regarding how it rides, most that I have seen have never really been ridden, so I do not know how they actually ride compared to the other Fats.

If I could find one in my size that was used and "pre-scratched" I would consider buying as a "rider".

One thing that I can say is that it really is a beautiful bike, I have mine hanging in the house.