Advice on downtubes please....


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Hello all. Here in NZ I have a 90 Yo and a 98 Yo. The 98 has been my main ride for last 10 years and at christmas time :-(
Throughout my days riding near Takaka I had heard occasional cracking sounds and just past it off as cranks etc. At the end of the ride when I was rolling up to my van in carpark I heard the crack again and thought I'd better have a good look. I found a crack that went almost right round the downtube- leaving maybe 20mm holding!!!! The last downhill was fast and I shudder to think what could have happened! It was a good hard day of technical riding that killed it and much fun was had so my faithful Yo went out with a smile. It had done me well- having ridden it around Europe, a lot of UK trails, in the US and of course NZ.



I love the colour of this bike...


I thought about fixing it but then decided I should try owning a fulls susser for once. In the meantime I started riding my old rigid '90 Yo.

I just recently bought a second hand Turner DW link Flux. Its my first full suspension bike I have actually owned even though for the last 10 years in the UK I have been a pushbike mechanic and have had access to silly cheap bikes. I have ridden many demo/test full susser bikes over those years but have remained faithful to my Fat Chances.

The Turner rides lovely but unfortunately my size 12 shoes combined with a slightly wonky pedal stroke means I clip the RH seatstay on the up stroke. So after only 3 rides on my Flux it has to go.

I have missed my '98 Yo- it fits me perfectly. I have decided that I will indeed sell the Flux and repair my Yo.

I have a friend who used to build very good bikes. He will fit the new downtube for me but which one should I get? I am quite keen on columbus tubing. Looking at something like this....

I want to have something strong- not super fussed on weight so will avoid some of the thinner options out there. I also think the crack started at the gusset- its welded point acting like a stress riser- what are the thoughts here about them. I would rather avoid using a gusset. I have also always read that gussets welded all the way round are a bad idea?


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I would get it touch with Roddy at or Scott Bengtson ex-FCC chief welder - both are members.


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Good plan to get it repaired.

Is there any other sign of wear/corrosion/cracking? Looks pretty tidy aside from that!