Aqua fade Wicked Lite


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I picked this up about a year ago from a gentleman who had it on display at Velo Cult in Portland. It was complete, and I made the poor decision to part it out because I didn't like how it was built. So, it has sat since then because, surprise, it's difficult to find the pieces I want. This will be my first mountain bike.

Here's how it sits now.

Ive recently purchased a clean set of freshly rebuilt Mag 21 lowers, but I needed an inch steerer and crown. For cranks, I'd like to find either five-bolt XTR 950s, or grey ano Ritchey Logics. Also need wheels and to decide on stem. I really like the way Salsa's compliment the tubing size of early steel bikes, but it's difficult to find the threadless versions.

I'll post more photos as it comes together.



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Those drop outs....
very nice paint scheme.
I wouldn't build it w/ xtr and if i did wouldn't go w/ 950.
ahead 1in salsas are easier on the wallet than quilled ones. They happen on ebay..
go build it and ride it.
a rigid fork w/ 400mm a-c will give you a snappier ride..


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I would certainly entertain opinions - I'm going to stick with the group for now because it's almost all there, though I really can't stand the matching cranks. What would be a more 'appropriate' group? I agree the dropouts are pretty, but is there something special about them?


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Serial number is CC 1710 51. Doesn't seem to coincide with any other Serial # data I've seen. Any idea what it means?


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hard to be sure, but it looks like paragon type ones used in saratoga built bikes. I have these on 3 YO's built in NY.

My 94 Wicked Lite has old style…

are you sure this isn't a YO with a repaint?


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A few other photos. It does indeed have anti chain suck tabs. The guy I got it from had had it for a long time and claims it to be original paint. It's in excellent shape, but I can't imagine it's a repaint.



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So I have an early Yo from Saratoga, and looks like this. The yo I have is late 94 and has a 1" steer, like the transition was piece meal for the first couple runs using up old parts from Summerville. the drop out look very similar with the fender mounts and the chain suck. One thing different is the head tub, but the Serial number doesn't match the Sartoga scheme either.