Barn find....rust risk?


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Stumbled on the coolest shop today while on vacation. Although closed the Owner was cool enough to let me scrounge around his shop.

In the back room hanging from the ceiling was this beautiful Fat.

The Shop Owner indicated that he was interested in selling. Although money is tight I really wanted this bike. So I asked him if I could take a closer look at it. He placed it in the rack and wiped some of the accumulated grease and the paint looked okay. I asked about the potential for rust and he shrugged and said..."lets see"
he then proceeded to flip the bike upside down and tap it on the floor. Out came a pretty generous pile of rust shavings.

He sensed my reservations and kind of let me off the hook.

My question is.....should I have still purchased it?

I am in the middle of a Yo restoration and my Monster Fat is a rider. Not sure if I could finance the extensive restoration of this frame in the forseeable fututre. So I would only be purchasing as wall art.

Should I have pulled the trigger?

Also...can you provide any insight into the model , year band paint scheme?