Barn Fresh 92 Yo


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Just found this site today and I'm glad to see fellow Fat Chance enthusiasts. Admittedly I have been out of the game for a long time but am breaking my Yo out of mothballs.

In late 1992 my Diamond Back Apex was on a hitch rack of a Pathfinder that flipped end over end 3 times. Suddenly I was in the market for a new bike and fell in love with the Yo. It sits just as I built it then. I think it won't take much to freshen it up although the saddle has come unglued. I'm very open to saddle recommendations since I've been away for a number of years and have no idea what to get!

Anyway here are some photos as she sits today:






welcome and thanks for sharing the very nice looking Yo you have there.

you may be able to glue the leather back on your saddle or, they make a classic version of the selle italia flite, the same saddle that's on your bike. do a google search for "selle italia flite 1990". if you want something with a bit more cush, they also make a remake of the selle italia turbo saddle, another saddle that these bikes often came with. the model is called the "turbo 1980".

definitely don't repaint it. the original teal looks awesome and it appears to be in great shape after all these years. heck, I wouldn't even replace the decals.


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Awesome feedback on the saddle - thanks! I loved the Flight for many years and although the shape suits me well it might be nice at this point to have a bit more padding. I'll check out both options.

I have no plans to paint it - I went to pains to get this color when I ordered it new. The decals are decent - really only worn where I have leaned it against countless bike racks over the years.

My plan is to tune it up and ride it and see how it does. I haven't ridden it more than 3 times in the past 7 or 8 years. Embarrassing but true!


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Welcome to the site.

That saddle you have there, is better than the modern reproductions; just re-glue, and you're good to go.

I would be surprised if the fork didn't need a rebuild. Might want to check out the tire sidewalls to ensure they aren't dry. Clean and lube/grease/repack, and it looks good to go.
Nice Yo :cool:


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Thanks for the advice. I am going to try to glue the saddle but I'm not too optimistic because the leather seems to have shrunk also. But it's worth a shot. I also just picked up another original Selle Flight Titanium saddle gently used on ebay for $30 in case the glue doesn't work.

The tires are highly questionable and I think they should be replaced. No idea where to start with that also. Seems like a million different kinds of mountain bike tires these days so I'll have to do some research. The tires on there are old Specialized but the sidewalls are showing threads and seem brittle.