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I got sick of looking at the fork compatibility post. So here is my event of one...

25 miles on Large Ed in mid November.

Pic is nice and blurry, will post better down the road


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the fork is a Kona Project 2 in one inch variety...

it will only work well in my opinion on a YO eddy that has been suspension corrected 1992 or newer

this one is

the fork is 410mm A to C with 38mm offset

I have tried it on a suspension corrected wicked and it was not ideal...

it's too long for non corrected bikes in my opinion...

hope this helps, this one is temporary until i get an Igleheart made.


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I've seen the wicked lite on the 1994 catalog where it says it's suspension corrected; it's unicrown fork seems to be the same length as every other wicked.:confused: