best suspension fork for 87 wicked?


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I have been running a 97 manitou sx, i think is 63mm travel. length is 17.25" and the original fork is 16.25" worried that the newer Marzocchi mx comp 80mm is going to be too long and make handling too slow. What have others been running with 1" steerers? I like the :?: lightness of the manitou but would like an oil damped fork.

Yo Eddy!

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I already wrote this in the MTBR forum:

I am not very into suspension, but I can tell you that also Magura/Rond(in Europe at laest, maybe on special request in the US) and Pace are available with 1

Mountain Goat

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I'd definately stick with the original rigid format as the Wicked is not designed with suspension in mind............or choose the lowest travel fork such as the old pace RC35 this only produced 45mm at best (never managed to get that out of mine) and you can still buy 1" steerers for them. The big problem is they are very collectable and sell for silly money.


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I have a Wicked that had a Manitou fork on it and was never really happy with how it handled, I put a non-suspension length rigid fork on it and it handles great now.