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Big One Inch 1 1/8" for sale


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I have a Big One Inch fork for sale with a 1 1/8 steer tube, 7 5/8" or 195 mm in length, in gloss black original paint, very good condition. Here's the story: I'm going to list this here a couple of weeks first to give Fatcogs types an opportunity before I list it on EBay. I felt it was more appropriate for the real fan to get this before the public and maybe someone who doesn't really appreciate it to get it. That said, its not going to be cheap as it's really rare. I bought it about a year and a half ago for my mint Ibis Mojo, going retro and rigid. As I received it it was very good to excellent with several very small (1/32 to 1/64 at most) paint chips and wear at the the top corners of the tubes. Not wanting to disturb its originality with a repaint I touched up the spots with matching enamel, it worked very well. No doubts about its authenticity, it has the correct "Fat City Cycles Patent" decal on the bottom of the right leg. I'm selling the Ibis, as after two rotator cuff surguries due to 35 years of surfing I prefer not to ride retro no mo'. The truth is I bought a titanium softail ( I know, I know) and the Ibis was relegated to "beater" status, which is so unfair to this awesome bike. I've looked on and off for several years and have never seen one in the 1 1/8 size, it's ultra rare. Here's the bad news - I'm looking for $250 plus shipping which I'm pretty confident I'll get on EBay given the number of Fat Chance buffs out there. I'll do photos but only to really interested buyers, and I'll take PayPal for payment. I'm out of town on and off next week but I'll answer emails as promptly as I can. Thanks for putting up with my drivel.