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Hi Guy's, Jay here, i'll give you a quick run down of my bike, I purchased this bike second hand whilst living in Whistler Canada in 1995, bought it off a mate of a mate that was competing in cross country at the time.

Anyways from what I gather I got a Fat Chance - Team Chance??, it is all black frame has Team Chance stickers on the head tube and down tube, also the skull x bones at the top of the seat stays, has a Team Chance ally etched seat clamp and came with Manitou 1's front shocks. The number on the bottom bracket is H1N02923.

I actually sold the bike 2yrs later back in Australia and then bought it back 4yrs later, just couldn't let it go, it's still in fair-good condition and has original XT components, wolber rims, ect.... It has been sitting in the shed for age and i have been considering restoring and bringing it back to new with a new paint as there is some rust starting to happen. Besides that I would like to get back on the saddle.

It was pretty cool back in the day riding this bike around Whistler, I had so many comments about it and people saying they would love a Fat Chance, being from Aust I didn't understand all the fuss at the time, I'm glad I still have it.
Any info about it would be greatly appreciated, cheers Jay
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It could be a Fat, but I'm probably not the only one who's seen a bike with the incorrect decals. Your best bet for identification is to post some photos.


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Team Chances were Asian-made bikes authorized by Fat and designed for the Canadian market. Probably a completely functional old steel bike, but not desirable from a Fat City Cycles collector/nostalgia standpoint.