Bill's Cycle - Fanwood, NJ


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Hi there. Anyone out there ever buy a Fat from Bill's Cycle in Fanwood, NJ? I worked there as a bike tech in the early 1990s during high school ... used to work for bike parts basically. I'm proud to say that I'm still riding my 1991 Wicked Fat Chance with the wheels I built at Bill's almost 15 years ago. Still the best ride around.

Unfortunately, Bill's went out of business right around the time when Fat City went under. Was a fun ride though.

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blast from the past

Small world eh? I purchased my first mtn bike from Bill's (Univega Uno) in 1985 and followed up with my First Fat Chance.... a 1988 Wicked... My brother still rides the all black wicked w no stickers beyond the headtube on occassion... Too bad to hear they went out of business... Nice guys