Bontrager Race Lite


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I bought a Klein Adept to replace my '92 Race Lite...never rode it, preferred the Bonty. Amazingly tho' I haven't been near it since completeing my '93 Yo Eddy - despite the elastermers in the Judy's providing nothing like the supreme riding experience offered by the MX Comp ETA' forks or at least an Englung upgrade beckon (how Retro does a retro steed have to be btw???)


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"how Retro does a retro steed have to be btw???"

As retro as you want. There's no guidelines - ride what you like.

I'm finding that I actually prefer not to have suspension on my local trails. I don't ride a rigid bike because it's retro, I ride it becuase it works better than other bikes on my trails. And because old bikes are cool :)