Brake for Kicker - Under Chainstay


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Hey there I need a direct mount under chain state brake for my 1988 fat chance kicker. The Shimano one on there now sucks and I’m open to anything that will work. I’m watching a Cunningham roller break on eBay, that would be cool but I’m open to anything really


Shimano U brakes are fantastic with great feel and very easy adjustment. You might need to remove it and clean the posts with sanding cloth, then re-install. Most Suntour versions are a little more finicky to adjust and, for some reason I don’t understand, usually more expensive. The WTB brakes feel the best when properly set up, but not 20x times better than Shimano given the cost.


Suntour made roller cam brakes as well and they are much less expensive than the WTB version. There are two versions of the Suntour brake, one uses linear springs like WTB and the other uses coil springs (multiple models use this design). The linear spring version is more expensive and performs better.