Buck Shaver


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Hello, new to the site. Recently purchased a Buck Shaver at a bike shop in Memphis. Frame perfect and built up with crap for parts. the seiel number on the bike is BS M 1007. I assume the BS is for Buck Shaver, the M is for Medium, but what is the 1007? Any help?

thanks, billy

Yo Eddy!

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Your bike listed on FirstFlight: http://www.firstflightbikes.com/fat.htm
It is from '97.

Only thing I know the '1007' represents a # :rolleyes: Actually I do not know what number. No of FAT? No of model? In a particular year or not? Consider there are no over 2000 and I doubt whether there ever were made over 2000 in the late nineties.

Looking a bit more closely at the FirstFlight site it maybe could be the case that the last digit represents the year and the others I still don't know.