Can anyone identify this bike?


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I picked this beast at a garage sale the other week for pretty cheap and haven't been able to figure out exactly what it is. There are decals on the top tube that look like the beginning of "Rocky Mountain," and the swing arm has "Mavic" decals on it. I've never heard of Mavic making any mtb equiptment so I'm guessing that those were just stuck on there by a previous rider. It has an old Syncros post and some XTR 900 stuff which might place it from the mid 90's. Does anybody know what it is and what it might be worth? I was figuring on parting it out to start saving up for a YO frame that fits me, and any help would be much appreciated!


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yep Rocky Mountain Speed.
I'm currently housing one for a friend. They used John Castellano's Sweet Spot pivot location also used by Ibis and Schwinn Homegrowns. The only URT's that ride pretty nicely.
Cool bike!