Can the Yo Eddy evolve?


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I know its probably been done to death but I have to ask. I had a 1998 Yo Eddy in arrest me Red (YOL2151) and sold it a wee while back to a one post member on here. I know the bike back to front and it has recently gone up for sale again. If anyones interested PM me or email me and I`ll try and source the link.

Anyway, when i first had the bike I had an ideal size 80mm White Brothers fork on it (which was excellent) and near the end of my time with the FAT as my riding style changed to hardcore XC /freeride and even done 2 or 3 NPS downhill courses on it!.I was running a 120mm 2002 Rockshox Psylo Race which had been tuned by TF tuned Shox. To be honest it looked more like 140mm of travel when i got it back with the travel extended. I know this isn`t ideal but the bike OUTPERFORMED most full sussers on some of the technical trails I was riding and on singletrack it was like Skycycle from Starwars. It went like a magic carpet. It even looked fast sitting still.It looked great with 2.3 tyres and I genuinely regret selling it at times.
Do you guys think a an oldskool frame like this can handle a longer travel fork? (even though the frames geometry isn`t adjusted for one).


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40odd hits and not a comment. Top forum.

The only reason I didn't respond to your original post was because you were asking if someone was interested in buying a hardtail that was raced downhill with a long travel fork on it. Those two admissions set off the little alarm in my undersized dome that says "don't buy it".

My momma always said, "Son, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." I'm sure the bike treated you well, but there's no way I'd be willing to take a chance on a frame with that kind of history. But that's just me. No reflection on you as a rider or individual.
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Yo Eddy!

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I do have a 100mm Manitou in non corrected frame. With adjusted riding style it works fine for me. Only in very tight cornering it holds me back a bit.

On the other hand I benefit from added stability :)


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Getting the the TOP of the forum

Any rides planned in your wee neck of the woods?

Anybody SINGLE SPEEDING these things? Lets talk about Devolving!

Thinking about having a sort "Free Running styled" SINGLE GEAR RACE, out in Northern VA DC area suburbs. Any interest? Roughly outlined with some spray paint course lines. Through HILL & DALE if you catch my wiff. GPS optional. $10 a head winner takes all. SINGLE GEARS ONLY. Ssome tresspassing involved and possibly a fencing climbing or two And a pass through a construction site. Party at PHOUC's BIKECLUB at 615pm after the Race, budweiser for admission. Phouc, "Who Wunts Bier?"