Can you ID this?

yo' djblu

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Yeah I was looking at that.. Strange... I was thinking this guy dont know what is up. There are also 2 monster fats on ebay now and they are both different as well. HMMMMM..

anyway thanks for this site! U are the man!!!!



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broken Fat Chance

By the serial number, the broken Fat appears to be an 85.

Not having a gusset at the head tube/down tube is not that unusual for the earlier bikes, I have a few like that, up to and including an 89.
Looking at this bike, perhaps this is the justification for the gusset?

I have not seen many with the cable routing above the BB, but I do have an 86 that is just like that.

Regarding the Monster Fat for sale with "special" decals, it is certainly a Wicked frame and Wicked serial number, but it might really be a Monster. The very early Monster was built with a Wicked frame, Monster decals and lesser components. I guess that you would have to check with Wendyll to confirm if this frame was originally sold as a Monster.

I have one of these frames, can't recall the serial number without looking, also have a magazine article/review that tells the story.



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I mailed wendyl about this frame. its deffo an 85 FAT. the cable guide above the BB was known in FAT terms as a "noodle"
Feel free to bid away. in UK terms its