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I have always used Avid Tri-aligns on my Fats. Easy to install and setup, and they work great. I am still looking for a set for the current Wicked Lite.

I have a set of old Onzas on my wife's bike, and they do the job. A bit tougher to set up than the Avids, but WAY easier to get. There is a guy on eBay who sells like a set a week of nice black ones. I think you can get front and rear for like $39 now.


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Cool, Thanks Doug.

I was watching a nice pair of Campy OR canti's on Ebay. I can't believe they went for $232.00.


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M900 xtr. waay easy to set-up. can handle long term ab/use. In terms of useability I actually prefer them to grafton/ critical racing/ avid/ gravity research on my other bikes :)


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I'm gonna have to speak out against the onzas that are cheap on ebay right now. I bought a set and less than 3 months later (really about 6 rides) three of the four of them broke at the pad holder.

Avid tri Aligns are much better and never gave me any trouble.

Doug Carter

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I wonder if there is something different with the ones on eBay right now, than the original silver ones I have on my wife's bike right now? Those brakes on my bike have about 3,000 miles under them on 3 different bikes, and are still going strong.



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canti brakes

I agree that the Avid cantis are great, I am a fan of all of their brakes that I have tried.

I have a few sets of the Onza brakes on bikes and have had no problems, in spite of what I have heard about them. Fairly easy to set up too.

I have one bike with the XTR cantis and have never liked them, but some people tell me that I just don't have them set up properly. I have certainly spent quite a bit time trying to set them up.

I also have a set of Control Tech cantis, they look neat and work rather well too.

I used to run a set of magnesium Hershey Racing brakes and liked them quite a but (used ball bearings) but the magnesium corroded badly.

You did not ask about canti brake levers but I really like Pauls and Real levers. Not a big fan of the Avid levers except the Ultimate (I just don't need that much adjustability).



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I am planning on using the Paul levers.

Just trying to figure out which cantis to use. I still have the original Xt cantis. So, I can still use those still, but I would rather upgrade.

Saw some purple Avids tri aligns today, and some xtr's m900. really ot a fan of the Onza's

campys would have been great, but $232 is nuts.

Great feed back, Thanks!

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i ve never had problems with the onza's, but i m also a careful rider. friends killed them too above the pad-holder. and they were bad done (sharp edge) so it s natural that they gona brake someday...maybe just a bad lot or an other issue of "prototyping" ?

i need a "v-brake" at the front, so i use the paul motolites. at the back i ve got campa or / paul stoplights.
at the bike which i just use to look at it are devil-cantis mounted, imo the cooooolest looking brake ;)

other very nice brakes

-biedler speedkiller
-rpm speedcrusher
-marinovative cheap trick
-gravity research
-wtb speedmaster
-and the one which everyone mentioned, the avid tri align 2 ;)

if u re looking for smt very strong take some forged ones like the shimano's or dia-compes.

and about the campa or for 230$...ebay goes sometimes strange ways, i m shure if u aren t in a hurry u ll find a pair for less than the half...

ride on
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Yo Eddy!

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I once paid 50 guilders (less than $25) for a box Campy Centaur....

They are nice brakes, but only period correct for early Yo's. My old XT's do have awesome stopping power when setup correctly. The XT's beat the Centaurs on stopping power, but I am pretty light and you ever heard of Dutch mountains?? Right.

Also have purple Graftons laying around, but never used them. What I can tell is that they feature a very tiny adjustment screw.

I also have Maguras on one bike. They are nice, but I not really consider them as bike jewelry.

Pete McC

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I love the avids, but I'm currently using a set of the old IRD switchbacks matched with a set of Box v levers, a perfect combo and looks sweet as anything on my Ti. Have used those onzas in the past and had no problems, they were silver so maybe its the black ones that are not so good!