Cherry Love Baby!


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This here is my 2000 Yo Eddy! in 'Cherry Love'. She is a Medium, serial YOM2282.
I just spent the last 3 months building her and waiting on the fork that you see in the pictures. I got it through Igleheart and it is an identical BOI in 1 1/8" headtube. Not easy getting a Fat fork in 1 1/8" threadless! It was worth the wait to get a matching fork in my opinion. I rode a black '95 Yo for years with a rather crappy shock(all I could find in 1" at the time) and just wanted to do it different this time. It was kind of like having an original early 90's Klein Attitude and taking the big ass custom fork off for a shock! Not as cool.

Anyway, I decked the bike out in various red components and made it a 2 by 9 with a mix of XT, Xtr, and LX shifters. She weighs in at a low 23lbs! After burning the midnight oil on ebay for the last 6 months she is finally finished.
Plans for the future include building the matching rear Ringle Bubba hub into a wheel and adding kevlar bead tires. Let me know what you all think. Does she get anyone hot and bothered?



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awesome,wicked classy looking bike!!i totally love the color...the blue headset looks real nice still wanting a Chris Chance cyclocross get it muddy and re-post more pics!!


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Very nice build, my mate curlys just picked up a cherry red Yo & I can vouch that the colours even nicer in the flesh, esp in bright sunlight :D

you're still on 21grs?, real retro ;D hahahaha