Chris/Slim Chance


No serial number. Story goes that this was one of the three sample bikes Chris made when he struck out on his own after Witcomb USA in 1977. He trucked it around to bike shops to show off what he could do and let (tall) people take it for a spin. I don't know if the story is true, only Chris does for sure I guess.

It was repainted at the Fat factory in the early 90's and got Slim decals because there weren't any Chris Chance decals laying around.

I got it this winter and rebuild the wheels to clincher, replaced the BB with a Phil Wood, changed the stem, bars, shifters and lever for stuff that worked better and scored a NOS Suntour XC seatpost - my favourite.

I've had it out for the first time today and it rides great. How people ever stopped in a hurry with Nuovo record calipers - bring on the Superbe Pros! - is beyond me.


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Nice work and interesting story. Good to see the old bikes are still around.


where do you find a fat in manitoba any ways?:confused:

You bring them with you...

That bike actually came from the Boston area. It was offered on for sale on Fat Cogs by an a$$hole and eventually came my way once the police gave him a shout.

The bike now lives in Toronto and occasionally hangs on the wall of Cherry Bomb Coffee. (click Dough and Bikewall)

P.S. Hey Flavio! Recognize the pedals in the original photo against the books?


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Great find.

If I ever were to own a road bike...I'd want it to be a slim chance, and yours is even nicer :)