crank arm help!

yo' djblu

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just bought these babies for my wifes yo.

I slap them on and they wont work cause they rub or basically wont go past the back bar. Am i doing something wrong? Do i need spacers?? I am new at building and the shimano arms i took off have a swing or bend to them which gets them past the back bars. Any help would be great and if they wont work for me let me know i will re ebay them or if someone here wants them. I thought cook bros. were the same and had the straight arm and worked with fats. :)

yo' djblu

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cool thankful it will be that easy as they look VERY sweet on her ride. Not to worried about her breaking them as she is basically a fireroad gal.

I will post pics as soon as i get the wider bb on.


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If you have an earlier Yo it uses a pressfit bottom bracket and that one won't work. Otherwise, if you have a threaded bb you should be golden. Looking forward to the pics.


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When I bought my Yo Eddy in 91 I had a Cook Brothers crank from my previous bike. I recall running into the same problem with the BB spindle that came installed being too short. I was able to use a Ti spindle from the Cook Brothers bottom bracket that was also in my previous bike. The shop where I bought my bike also got me a longer steel spindle that I use to this day.

There is a Ti Cook Bros. BB for sale on Ebay now that you could use the spindle from.

Search for "Cook Brothers 127mm".

There is also a 128 mm Ti Spindle for sale.

Search for "128mm spindle"