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Hey I am soon to be a new Fat owner. I am picking up a 92 wicked sometime this week. It is a frame and forks only. I intend to make it a single speed. I am a little bummed about the pressed in BB. I have a XTR/Boone Ti SS Crankset I have been saving for building a SS. But I find it hard to pass up such a fine steel ride. My question is about Bullseye cranks. Is it possible to put these cranks on using the pressed in cups. Will these work. If not is there a set you guy can recomend.


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I would try a Cook Bros Crankset. Don't expect any service from them, but they look the works!


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I agree on both levels, don't use the Bullseye. Kind of a hassle with that bb.

Cook Bros cranks are stiff, fairly light, and dependable. They are also back in business (do a google search) and selling new cranks but they've renamed the classic RSR crank "Bonz" (because it looks like a dog-bone I guess)


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I have a 93 team fat chance and a set of the cook bros cranks, 2 questions
!) does anyone know the correct BB length I should be using??
2) does anyone have any rings or know what type will work with the cook bros (bonz) cranks??


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to be honest I have a totally different experience of cooks cranks. namely appaling strength & reliability issues (esp crank arm tapers). the older CBRs & RSRs would need an axle length of 127mm (chainring size dependant) for a yo eddy. older CBRs & RSRs cranks normally used 110mm bolt circle diameter chainrings.


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Cooks and Topline both are well respected for their pretty appearance and efficient function... as long as you are not riding them. I have had nothing but trouble with both. Broke one set climbing out of the saddle (swore I broke my nuts too :eek: ) and another just riding along (thought my cleats were loose, the arm was hanging by a thread).

I've since moved on to tougher stuff. Cool ano option...Caramba double barrels. Super tough but finiky...Grove hot rods. Put them on and forget them...dare I say it, xtr.

Anyhow, keep the pressed bb, easy to maintain, adjust, and replace.