Decal Artwork


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Right, it seems that a lot of people have Fat Chance decal-related artwork, and there's a lot of people wanting repro decals, either in a modern vinyl or something similar to the originals (if someone could let me know what that is I'd appreciate it!).

I have a friend who works for a graphics/sticker/signs company, and can reproduce pretty much any type of decals imaginable. If people are willing to send me whatever artwork they have, I can get a load of stuff printed up, and thus we will all be able to have shiny new decals on our shiny newly-painted frames. I know that several painters will do the decals, but this is for people who want to do things themselves.

Just thought I'd suggest this in the wake of the demise of Doug's efforts, and see if there was any interest?



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Dougs efforts have not ceased, just put on the back burner while his family relocates...give him some time to shake out.

Quite a few people are working behind the scenes to provide all Fat Cogs access to replacement items that will benefit this site by offsetting some of the costs of hosting/web space.

All in good time.



Doug...please pm me when you can.