Dutch Vintage All Terrain Bicycle Gathering

Yo Eddy!

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One week ago, great weather, nice people, a BBQ after the ride, much bike talk.... and some nice bikes of course.

1st pic: The biketree with bikers. I am the guy on left.
2nd pic: The biketree: DP Racing, Breezer Storm, Fat Yo, mint Giant Super Sierra, Cannondale, Koga TrailRunner and Steve Potts.
3rd pic: Yo Eddy - not only for riding
4th pic: '92 Mass built M-L Yo and my own Aquafade '95 NY built Yo

more pics: http://www.erikboschman.com/pictures/classicride/


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in UK we call those tricks "switzerland squeaker"... dont know any other names for em... but nicely done all the same :D

Yo Eddy!

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Hi Spikes,

I guess in summer. There were also plans for a meeting in winter, but to much people couldn't set a date. Speaking for myself I am already injured for quite a long time and I will probably still be for the next few months.

I will notify overhere and you could also keep an eye on Dirty-Pages 'Meetings' section:


Yo Eddy!

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Few more pics:


Dekerfs & Pottser




Pottser and his....... Potts


Seriously impressed people



Yo Eddy!

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SoloRider said:
That S/S Breezer is damned cool. I want one.

What are those flared out drop bars?

It is Dekerfs' (as he likes Dekerf bikes) Storm. Nice bike indeed.

Those Dirtdrops where by WTB and Nitto if I remember correctly. They were more common back in the day:


Jacuie Phelan


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I remember a guy working in Utrecht with a Steve Potts like this. Could be the same guy: hard to tell with helmet and googles on.