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Hello all,

Sadly my beloved Fat Chance needs a new home. It simply doesnt get enough ride time and deserves to be riden, rather than collect dust. Anyone out there give me a ball park as to whats a fair price here in the States. Some general specs....

frame.... "93 Buckshaver Medium (53B3M) team violet. only the 53rd Buckshaver ever built, plus its in a custom Team Violet ( "93's generally were only available in black or red IIRC)
fork.... '98 Marzocchi Z3 Light. blue freshly rebuilt with new oil and seals
wheels... Chris King Hubs, Mavic 517's NEW....rear 32 hole 3X. front 28 hole radical
headset.... Chris King silver NEW
post.... Thompson silver NEW
stem.... "93 Specialized Ti original stem from when it was built. really nice
bar.... Easton CT2 carbon
drivetrain... various years of XT
brakes.....Avid Mags
cranks....95-96ish RaceFace

This bike is really tricked out. I hate to see it go, but like I said, It deserves to be riden more. The frame does have some wear on the paint, but no rust. I also have a new set of decals that I'll throw in if the buyer wants to repaint in the future. Is expecting $1000 US to much? Heck the new wheel set, post and headset alone was close to $800. I realize you will never get back anywhere close to whats invested, but is $100 errational? TIA


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Mojo Troll said:
Hello all,

, but is $100 errational? TIA

SH T NO, i'll give ya $100 for it right now

.... sorry


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Parting it out would easily bring you $1000 on the bay.
If I didn't already have a 94 I'd buy it.
I can't believe you want to sell it though, it's arguably the best hardtail ever for those that don't like the stiffness of the yo.