Fat bottles anyone?


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I had an email from the printer that they should be ready in about two weeks. I'll keep you all posted.


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OK guys, they are supposed to be in at the 15th of july! I will keep you all posted obviously. Price will be


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They are ready and being shipped! I will receive them coming monday and will show the result. I hope it's been worth the effort. If so, we start thinking about mugs to sip your Java from at work......


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How to order

They are ready lads! They look amazing. They are slightly off-white with bright Pantone yellow decals. The cap is a wide screw top so you can have easy access with a brush. As said before, the plastic is biodegradable, so buy a lot and save the environment.

Here is how to order: Paypal (gift only) €5 for each bottle you want + shipping. Shipping is the same for each order, so It doesn't matter if you order 1 or 10. Shipping unregistered is the cheapest, but if you want it registered please contact me. The Paypal address is bayoptics[at]me.com

Shipping calculator (unregistered):
Europe 1: €8,69
(Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Spain, Sweden
Europe 2: €9,48
(Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia
Europe 3: €10,27
(Albania, Norway, Switzerland, Greenland, Iceland, Channel Islands, Belarus, Turkey
World: €17,20
(USA, South America (incl. Rio), Australia, NZ, SA and all the rest)

Please contact me for further questions! I'll try to ship within a few days after payment has been received.


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The first orders were all shipped today. Let me know when they arrive. Better yet: post pics of your bike with the bottles!