Fat Chance Family, By ein?


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Hi here's my provisional collection of Fat Chance.


  • Fat Family 1.JPG
    Fat Family 1.JPG
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    Fat Family 2.JPG
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  • Fat Family 7.JPG
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  • Fat Chance Shock a Billy
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  • Monster Fat
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Nice! You have a great collection. Looks like you're only missing a Kicker to have the major eras covered.

When I brought my Fat to Spain in 1991, no one in the Granada bike shops had ever seen one before. Looks like quite a few more have made it over since!


(You'll have to trust me that that is actually a Fat in the background!)


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In Spain there are currently ten surveyed Fat Chance, I think the Fat Chance bikes are unique works of art.
I'll keep collecting more Fat

Many thank for your comments;)