Fat Chance Titanium


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This is my 1994 (?) Fat Chance Titanium.
When I first read in the local papers that Fat City was going out of business (Fall 1994) I called Belmont Wheelworks and asked them what they had in stock for Fat City framesets in a size medium. They had only this and a Yo Eddy!. I already had a Yo Eddy! so I was forced (it wasn't hard to twist my arm) to buy the ti. I already had strong sentiments concerning the artistry and craft of Chris Chance's bicycles and the bad news compelled me to grab something as a sort of keepsake before it was too late.

Originally I built this bike up using "All American" components including the ill-fated Paul's Components front and rear derailleurs and Grip Shift X-ray twist shifters. It was great concept but it didn't work for shit! I wised up and threw on some XTR bits and a Rock Shox SID (with 1" steerer, yay!) and things were the way they should be.

For me this is a collector's object; a piece of history that I will hand down to my kids (I can see the fights right now). It was raced only once and I could count the number of times it's actually been ridden on two hands. I know that's a shame and a waste but I feel irrationally protective of it. Fat City bikes can have that effect you know!



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fat ti

hi bullmoose.
I do understand what you mean about the fat ti being a piece of art (I've owned two). they truly are beautiful. Ride it tho. time to time take it out & remeber the ride. For me the fat ti always had the perfect line between stiff drivetrain & compliant feel, a shame not to :)

sweet rig :D