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Fat Chance Wicked Decals ~ Now Available


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We are now ready to go with the Wicked decal sets:D

A decal set will include

2 Downtube Decals, Hollow or Solid, in a colour of your choice
1 Headtube Decal Solid, again in a colour of your choice
2 Chainstay "signature" decals, choice of black or white text
1 Seatube "Don't Tread" decal, again choice of black or white text

As some of you guys may know I am based in the UK, but postage will not be a problem, I can post the decals using Royal mail Airsure if you wish, this will give you a confirmed delivery for an additional $8.00, this as cost

If you are interested in a set, please give me the following info...

1.) Colour combination you would like, hollow or solid
2.) Quantity
3.) Frame Serial number
4.) Standard Airmail or Airsure

A full set including Worldwide Standard Airmail will be $34, if you wish to add Airsure carriage they will be $42. I can include an additional set at $28 to either of the above options, so it pays to ship in bulk. As a token of good will I'll be sending Doug $2 towards the continued hosting of Fatcogs for every order.

Please direct payments to pam@thecycleshed.co.uk including the above information, delivery should be within 7-10 days from me recieving confirmation of payment from Paypal

If you wish to see the images and quality ~

If you wish to check out my feedback ~

I will check back on here as often as possible or if you have any questions please PM me or direct contact at gil@thecycleshed.co.uk


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What would be the best way to indicate the color(s) we want them in? Should we supply the color codes or just the basic color (e.g. FFFFOO or simply "yellow")?

Many thanks!


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The best colour reference for me is the Pantone system, however I can work with most references and will match the required colour as near as possible

A reference is more use than a photo as everbody has different screen settings and consquently colours can vary

Hope this helps